So to make buckwheat?


Earlier cooking buckwheat want be cleaned of impurities and debris and rinse good. While cooking grits - 20-Thirty minutes on lower warmth with the lid closed, and without stirring. If earlier preparation light fried buckwheat in a pan, it will be more crumbly and fragrant.

Buckwheat can be prepared however follows: Pour stewing aqua overnight (1 cup cereal - 2-3 cups of aqua) and closely wrap up, in the right porridge is ready. In this technique, better preserved healthy properties of buckwheat.

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Tips for parents


Permanent illness of a newborn, how mentioned above, are associated not only with short immunity. One of a decisive factors in addition to other is the psychological state of a baby. Therefore, moms and dads must strive to minimize all a annoyances. What do you request?

• Respect for the day.

• A balanced regimen.

• Charging, h2o and air tempering process, starting with the second 7 days following recovery.

• goodness night's sleep (count weekends, how many hours must a newborn to sleep, and during the week put him to sleep at a time same that in a right he got his rule, in case of fatigue necessarily put the newborn to sleep after school).

• At least an hour of time to communicate with a child and play every day (at this hour will not assess a homework!).

• Weekly breathing exercises.

• The doctor's prescription - bracing massage.

• Garments done of property organic fabrics (particularly if the newborn is suffering autonomic disturbances).

• Compliance with a standard rules of hygiene.

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Mums share the experience: hair service of the giving birthday


Many gerls who are mothers, complain of problems with the hair. Indeed, later a delivery, a sharp deterioration of the thin hair: you get brittle, lose their luster and start to fall. Recommend that moms who have been done this?

Why does thin hair fall out after birthday

As a lot of processes in a aging body gerls manage hormones. Especially when it comes to pregnancy and birthday. Changes everything: both outside and inside. Internal changes entail and external. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: a bag to the hospital



In prenatal care (if a pre-lay):

Charging the phone








Toilet paper

Very dry wipes


Warm socks


Cotton Buds

Shower gel, or It is possible to pick up the baby liquid soap, not to drag too much

Nightgown, robe

Deodorant antipesperant

Skin fluid

Mitt cream


Laying everyday

Stockings for delivery

Netbook or tablet + iota

Fluid for stretch marks

In genera

Exchange card

A birth certificate

Medical policy




Booster charge

Stockings for delivery



In postnatal (with prenatal to postnatal package will bring, if a pre-placed, if not earlier, then this list is to repeat your prenatal)

Charging a phone

Gaskets postnatal

Disposable Panties

Disposable natural pads







Bathroom paper

Serum Bepanten

Very dry wipes


Heartwarming socks

Underwear (for feeding)

Wipes for baby


Fluid for Diaper

Aging body face lotion for newborn

Cotton buds with stops dl baby

Liquidity soap child (may be used however a shower gel)

2 Dummy


Facial skin serum

Hand cream

Nail scissors for children


Socks for baby



Cream for stretch marks

Netbook or tablet + iota

To extract (in winter):

Baby's loose jacket




Child's bootees


Soft hat

Envelope, winter overalls or blanket


Diaper soft flannel

Serum frost

Clothes for myself


All tips from moms

Some moms recalled so after a birth similar a snack - and it was just enough crackers, desiccated strawberries, yoghurt, curds or little chocolates. With the physician's permission, of course. By a technique, It is possible to grab a some chocolates for midwives, it would be fine to hear with you a some candy thanks.

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All about the size of role-playing games for kids


We all understand how important it is for a newborn, particularly the role-playing game. In it, he models the your situations of a lives, finds a method out of them, learning to communicate, preparing for adult life. It can be said that during the role-play in a child's socialization occurs to any extent - a accumulation of social experience and its application.

Develop fantasy role playing kid develop his horizons. With these games It is possible to even organize a newborn's education. In addition, role-playing games can provide a wealth of knowledge on so children see their family relationships in her that he likes, or, conversely, are concerned. Watching a child's play, It is possible to draw conclusions approximately a developmental and mental heartiness of the child, his character and temperament.

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